Montreal’s Musee des Beaux Arts: Contemporary Art

The museum’s contemporary art collection features pieces dated after 1945 comprised from a variety of mediums including paintings, sculpture and multi media installations among other recent art forms. One of the most eye-catching recent acquisitions to the museum is Toronto-born artist Dorian Fitzgerald’s Throne Room (pictured to the left), a depiction of the Throne Room of the Queluz National Palace in Sintra, Portugal, created from a tedious process of digitally manipulating an image prior to using caulk to define each area and then filling each section with acrylic paint. Despite the minimal color palette, the completed work has a dramatic richness that creates a memorable visual impact.

The temporary pieces range from the truly bizarre, such as the cannibalistic monkey sculpture pictured on the right to more comprehensive exhibitions such as Montreal born artist Dorothea Rockburne‘s retrospective In My Mind’s Eye (pictured to the left), which features fifty of her works showing the development of her abstraction abroad.

The pieces that comprise the contemporary art collection are certain to engage any visitor to the museum simply due to their varied nature and unique characteristics.

 Free Admission/Suggested Donation


Pavillon JeanNoël Desmarais, Level S2

1380, rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal