Stuttgart’s Television Tower: Der Fernsehturm

Put into operation in February 1956 after a twenty month construction period, Stuttgart’s television tower was one of the first modern television towers ever built. To construct the tower, a hole 30 meters wide and 8 meters deep was dug as the foundation. Secured by a ring of prestressed concrete, the massive base supports the weight of the entire tower.

Standing at a height of 217 meters, the Fernsehturm is accessible to visitors by an elevator that raises guests up to the bi-level, open-air viewing platform in less than a minute. The views from atop the tower span over the city, revealing the mountain tops of the bordering Swiss and Austrian alps on clear days. The lower level of the circular platform is encircled by a printed tablet that lists the distance from the tower to various cities throughout the world. Inside the top of the tower, visitors can enjoy the restaurant or grab a stool at the bar, Oben, while lingering over the view of the city.

Fernsehturm Stuttgart
Jahnstraße 120, Stuttgart (station: Ruhbank / Fernsehturm), Germany