Paris Art: Space Invaders Project

The Space Invaders Project undertaken by French street artist Invader aims to “invade” cities throughout the world with mosaic tile representations of first generation arcade games, in particular, the classic Space Invaders game. Despite spreading to 35 cities, the invasion began and continues in Paris, where Invader has put up around 1,000 pieces. Each city receives a score that is based off the total point value for the number of pieces put up. Each individual piece scores between 10 and 50 points depending on its size, composition and location. As of last count, Paris scores at 21,760, making it the most invaded city to date.

A limited number of Invasion Maps that pinpoint the location of the Invader pieces exist for certain cities, including Paris, but with so many up in Paris, a stroll around the city will likely reveal numerous Invader pieces.