A Paris Cafe: La Maison Angelina

The self-proclaimed “high point of Parisian gourmet pleasures” and widely recognized as an institution in Paris, La Maison Angelina, is a well-known tea room and patisserie located adjacent to the Louvre. Tuck into the ornate, arched arcades off Rue de Rivoli and enter into the bustling, Belle Epoque inspired salon. The refined elegance of the interior is perfectly matched with the delicately crafted pastries that Angelina stakes its reputation on. Established in 1903, Angelina became popular among the Parisian aristocracy and continues in its tradition of offering gourmet delights in a charmingly romantic setting.

The menu items drawing the highest acclaim include the Mont Blanc, a desert made from meringue, fresh whipped cream and chestnut cream vermicelli and the Chocolat l’Africain, a rich, thick hot chocolate served with a small pot of fresh whipped cream. Not to be outdone by the Mont Blanc, the classically Parisian macarons should not be overlooked. The macaron collection consists of dark chocolate, coffee, pistachio, Mont Blanc, vanilla, caramel, dark chocolate raspberry and mandarin.

 226 Rue de Rivoli, Paris