Belfast’s Historic Crown Bar: Liquor Saloon

An absolute not-to-miss stop on any trip to Belfast, the Crown Bar is one of the oldest and most frequented landmarks in the city. Built in 1826, mostly at the hands of skilled Italian craftsmen who had arrived in Northern Ireland to meet the needs of a sharp increase in the demand for the construction of Catholic churches in the area, the bar was constructed with meticulous attention to detail and features eye-catching ornate accents throughout. The bar is still lit by gas lamps which beautifully highlight the embellishments of the bar.

In keeping with Victorian traditions, Crown Bar maintains ten ‘snugs,’ or closed door booths that provide a cozy, secluded nook in which to enjoy a few drinks. The wooden booths are intricately carved with colorful etched and painted glass windows and even come complete with an antique bell system to alert bar servers to your snug when service is needed.

46 Great Victoria Street, Belfast