Paris’ Parc André Citroën 150 Meters Above the City

First open to the public in 1999, Parc André Citroën’s hot-air balloon, the biggest in the world, was first introduced as part of larger pre-Millenium celebrations throughout Paris. First sponsored by Eutelsat in 2004, the balloon was recently renamed Balloon Air de Paris in 2008. Although the balloon remains tethered to the ground, it rises 150 meters above the centrally located park to offer visitors unobstructed 360 degree views of the city. The balloon can hold up to 30 adults or 60 children and features a circular, caged standing platform with a hole in the middle allowing you do see both directly beneath you and all around you. The experience lasts about ten to fifteen minutes.

Quai André Citroen, 75015 PARIS



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