Bridgeport Connecticut’s Historic Bijou Theatre Renaissance

Bijou Theatre circa early 1900’s

As the oldest surviving movie house in the country, the revival of the Bijou Theatre brings a unique attraction to downtown Bridgeport.  First opening as a silent movie house and venue for vaudeville acts in 1910, the theatre continued to operate under the names the Rivoli and Studio Cinema, as it changed owners over the years, until finally falling vacant in the nineties. As part of a larger effort to revitalize the area in downtown Bridgeport known as Bijou Square, the three-story theatre has been completely renovated and will function as a venue for theatre, art, comedy and music in addition to continuing the tradition as an operational movie house, showing independent, foreign and classic films.

Bijou Theatre post-renovation

Visiting the newly opened theatre is an experience unto itself. Unlike traditional cinemas or film houses, the Bijou offers cabaret seating within the theatre to allow patrons to enjoy the current film or performance in a more intimate setting. The small candlelit tables occupy either side of the theatre with general admission chairs filling the center seating area. To further compliment your experience, grab a drink for your table from the theatre’s bar offering beer, wine and spirits or a snack from concessions, where you can grab anything from a box of popcorn to more upscale offerings like assorted cheese plates.

275 Faifield Ave, Bridgeport CT

Current Schedule Here: The Bijou Theatre


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