Stockholm: Vin & Sprithistoriska Museet

You can give us herring
And you can give us sill
But you will still be erring
Unless you also will
Give us a glass of Akvavit
That sure smells sweet
To Swedes in heat
It gives the fish its feet
It makes the dish complete

-Herring & Sill, Swedish Drinking Song

An unpretentious museum that gives a thorough history of the country’s drinking culture and production processes. The price of admission includes an audio guide that directs visitors through the museum’s interactive layout.  You can tour at your own pace by simply aiming the laser pointer connected to your headset to the corresponding target on each exhibit. During the tour, you’ll pass through a recreated tasting room from the 1920’s, K. A. Nydahl’s wine store and a distillery. There are approximately 7,000 items on display throughout the museum, with one of the most popular being the scent organ, which allows visitors to push a button to release a burst of air scented with one of 50 scents from different aquavit and liqueur spices.

In addition to the self-guided tour, the museum offers the option to specially arrange a tasting tour where you can sample four different Swedish drinks as you tour the museum or you may conclude your visit with a private tasting of wine, whisky, brännvin or champagne.

Dalagatan 100, Stockholm