The Oddities of Stockholm’s Nordiska Museet

In simple terms, the exhibits at the Nordiska Museum explore the trends and traditions of life and work in Sweden throughout various time periods. Although this is an accurate summary of the museum’s objectives, it fails to highlight the value of the unexpected and varied items on display, which more likely than not will be what most visitor’s remember when they think back upon their visit. Of course, it is expected that a museum depicting day-to-day life will showcase everyday items to aid in the visualization of what life was like, but that being said, the Nordiska Museum seemed to have a special way of sneaking in one or two things to each section of the museum that seemed to detract from the exhibit rather than enhance it. By way of illustration, a small section features popular toys. The items are mostly vintage metal toys, but slipped into the display case amid the other items was a Nintendo Gameboy Color (that’s circa 1998 & not even the original Gameboy). Another unusual feature were the mannequins. Several poor children from different eras were eerily placed throughout the museum. Even the use of mannequins within the actual exhibits seemed odd and made it feel more like walking onto a stage production rather than through a museum. All and all, despite most of the exhibits consisting largely of props and lacking a certain level of authenticity that you may expect from a museum, it is definitely worth a visit for its entertainment value alone.

Djurgårdsvägen 6-16