Swedish Interior Design at Hotel Birger Jarl

Room 704. I want a moon of my own.

Hotel Birger Jarl’s creative design concept affords guests the opportunity to have a unique experience each time they stay with the hotel. Specializing in modern design, the hotel recruited the help of numerous Swedish interior designers and tasked them with designing and furnishing each individual room. The result is a variety of meticulously thought out guest rooms that each convey their own personalities. Each room grade has a design touch, even the “retro room (rm.247),” which, as the story goes, was accidentally left out of the renovations due to its inconspicuous location at the end of a hallway. Once the mistake was noticed, the decision was made to renovate the room while staying true to its original furnishings and feel. As a result, walking into Room 247 feels like walking into 1974.

Tulegatan 8, Stockholm




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  • Swedish Dekor

    What an amazing way to decorate a hotel! Swedish interior design is such a great look. I love how you decided to decorate all the rooms differently while keeping to the Swedish interior theme. The pop of green in the picture you have featured was a nice touch! Beautiful room! For more Swedish Interior Design tips and tricks check out http://www.swedishdekor.com/_blog/Design_Blog!

    June 13, 2011 at 13:25