Stockholm Nightclubs: Spy Bar & Café Opera

Spy Bar.

Located in Stureplan, the heart of the city’s nightlife, Spy Bar occupies several rooms in a converted second floor apartment. Would-be party-goers who don’t notice the small red neon sign on the building’s facade will surely be able to find the club by the long queue surrounding it. A large wooden bar marked by an over-sized classical portrait and chandelier anchors the front room off the foyer and feeds out into the hallway where you can wander through additional rooms, each presided over by their own DJ. The decor is a mix of grand luxury and minimalist disco-ball adorned party rooms. The music between the front and back rooms consists mostly of house and R&B/hip-hop. Lines outside form before midnight and last until the club closes down in the early morning hours.

Birger Jarlsgatan 20, Stockholm. Cover/Dress Code

Café Opera.

Café Opera blends a classical setting with a very hip nightlife scene. The venue dates back to 1895 and its grandness can be appreciated as soon as you step inside. Elaborately painted ceilings, stuccos and crystal chandeliers frame the massive, open space. The strobing ceiling lights reflect off the chandeliers as they cut through the fog-filled dance floor. Private tables for bottle service are roped off around the perimeter, giving VIP patrons a front row view of the action on the floor. The club maintains a lineup of rotating DJs but the music consists mostly of house/techno.

Karl XII:s torg. Cover/Dress Code