Stockholm: Nordic Sea Hotel

In 2001, Nordic Hotels & Resorts opened two adjacent design hotels, Nordic Sea and Nordic Light. Nordic Sea offers clean, modern accommodations inspired by Stockholm’s coastal location. Upon entering the hotel, the first design element noticed by guests is the large fish tank anchoring the lobby and spanning from the reception area into the Sea Bar. The room designs also draw from the coastal inspiration with deep blue bedding and wall coverings that reflect the  hues of the city’s waterways and serve to add warmth to the contemporary furnishings. Rooms are offered in the Superior, Standard and Express classes to meet any traveler’s requirements in terms of comfort and budget.

The hotel is the first in the world to offer a permanent ice bar. In collaboration with the ICEHOTEL, located in Swedish Lapland, blocks of ice from the river Torne are meticulously carved each year according to a unique “ice design” to create ICEBAR STOCKHOLM. A shared interior wall with the hotel allows guests to steal a sneak peak of the bar through the wall of ice blocks as they pass through the lobby. Prior to entry into Icebar, guests are outfitted with specially designed capes and gloves to help face the constant -5°C temperature within the bar. An automatically locking door will close behind you before another opens in front of you to transport you into the frozen room. Once inside, you can enjoy ice sculptures and carvings located throughout the bar. Bartenders, working in rotating 4-hour shifts due to the cold, are on hand to offer up any of the bar’s signature vodka-based drinks, served in glasses made from carved out blocks of ice.

Vasaplan 4, Stockholm (located nearby the Arlanda Express and Central Station in the city center)

Hotel guests receive discounted entry into ICEBAR STOCKHOLM