Stockholm’s Aquaria Water Museum: Aquaria Vattenmuseum

The aquarium’s largest draw seemed to be the “living” Amazon rainforest, which is the first feature you come upon once inside. Being the most appealing feature of the aquarium and likely due to its close proximity to the entrance, you’ll first have to navigate past visitors crowding the narrow and dark stairway that leads into to the exhibit before actually entering the rainforest area. While maneuvering along a confined and wet pathway through the hot and muggy rainforest, all while enduring the effects of a simulated thunderstorm, you will have the opportunity to view stingrays and piranhas before ending your trek via a suspended wood bridge that leads you back into the main area of the aquarium. Once out of the rainforest, various sea life ranging from sharks to sea horses can be seen swimming in tanks located along the walls and even in open, shallow pools of water in the floor, so watch your step (and your kids), especially since the aquarium seems to be the biggest attraction for younger visitors.

Falkenbergsgatan 2, Djurgården