Paris’ Chez Papa: Cuisine du sud-ouest à Paris

In spite of being a chain restaurant, for the value and quality it offers, Chez Papa is well worth a try during any visit to Paris. Focusing on traditional and authentic recipes from the south-west region of France, the well-known bistros regularly attract crowds during lunch and dinner service. Various preparations of duck including  foie gras, Magret duck breast and pavé dominate a menu that rounds out with other traditional dishes such as cassoulet and escargots.

The enormous salads (probably only deserving of the name “salad” because lettuce makes up one component of the dish) provide the best deals, with a particular favorite being the Salade Boyarde: romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cantal, potatoes, blue cheese and dry cured ham. You also have the option of ordering it “complète” for it to be topped off with two fried eggs. Both options come in under 10€.

The apple and pear tarts, the profiteroles or the crème brûlée all make for excellent finishes to a meal.

9 Locations within Paris:

153 rue Montmartre-2nd arr./29 rue de l”Arcade-8th arr./206 rue la Fayette-10th arr./40 bvd de la Bastille-12th arr./27 rue de la Colonie-13th arr./6 rue Gassendi-14th arr./101 rue de la Croix-Nivert-15th arr./185 rue Marcadet-18th arr./125 avenue Gambetta-20th arr.