Turkish Coffee: Your Fortune in a Cup!

Turkish coffee is the stuff of legends.  If you drink it every day, you might be insane, or have an insane caffeine addiction that will never, ever be cured.  It’s strong enough and thick enough to become it’s own solid mass, crawl out of the cup and slap you in the face every morning.

While you’re drinking Turkish coffee, you have to tread carefully and sip slowly.  If you are too overeager, you will soon be screaming in muffled agony, because the sludgy grounds will taste like the dirt Nick Prior slammed your face into during second grade recess.

In short, Turks take their coffee seriously.  There are special sets of china for it.  There’s a special way to brew it in a special pot.  There’s a special way to pour it that guarantees equal froth for everyone.  And there’s a special way to tell your fortune.

The first step is to flip your cup on the saucer, twirl it once or twice clockwise, and make a wish. You can also put a coin on the top of the overturned cup, which makes it cool faster.  And then you wait for the coffee to cool and drip into pretty pictures. Traditionally, the bottom half of the cup represents the past while the top represents the future.  Read it clockwise, or pretend like you are.

I’ve been told that if the cup is difficult to pry from the saucer, your wish will come true.  Under these circumstances, however, your fortune is not meant to be seen, and shouldn’t be read either.

Which brings me to some advice: your fortune depends on who is reading it.  So make sure you don’t do it with anyone who harbors some deep-seated desire for revenge against you.  The meaning of the symbols is completely open to interpretation.  Some clichés come in handy here.  An ant is hardworking.  A knife is bad.  A flower or a rainbow is probably good.  But if I saw a rat, I would think disease or betrayal, while my friend would see her childhood pet, and read that as “a past experience will soon play a role in your life.”  The saucer can also be read by pouring the small puddle of coffee grounds back into the cup.

When telling a fortune, use your imagination, and be sure to stroke your chin thoughtfully every so often.  You’ll be fine.

Written by Olivia Gutierrez