Slavakia: Curious Statues of Bratislava

Hidden throughout the streets of the Old Town are four unique, life-sized bronze statues, serving to add a bit more character to the city’s historic center. You’re likely to come across them on your own without searching if you are spending any time in the Old Town.

Rubberneck (Cumil)-Peeking out of an open manhole on the street, this statue has literally lost his head a few times due to careless drivers. In efforts to keep Cumil safe, a sign now stands by his location to warn drivers of his presence. Located at the corner of Panská and Rybárska bránai.

Schöne Naci-Said to be a tribute to Ignác Lamár, a former resident of the city best known for wandering the streets dressed in a suit and top hat and engaging all those he came across. The statue continues to bid greetings to passerbys with a wave of his top hat. Located on Rybárska brána.

Paparazzi-Found peering around the corner with his camera aimed at the entry to the appropriately named Paparazzi restaurant and cocktail bar. Located at the corner of Laurinská and Radničná.

Napoleon’s Soldier-A French army soldier, who bares a striking resemblance to Napoleon himself, leans over a bench in the city center. Napoleon and his troops came to the city in 1805 to sign the Treaty of Pressburg, as Bratislava was then known,  between Austria and France following Napoleon’s victories at Ulm and Austerlitz. They returned again in 1809 when his troops besieged the city. Located in Hlavné námestie (main square).