Denmark: Copenhagen’s City Bikes

Outline of City Center

Through its unique City Bike program, Copenhagen, one of the world’s leading bicycling cities, allows tourists to explore the city like the locals do. Operated by the non-profit organization, Incita, as part of a larger program to offer work to rehabilitees, the City Bikes are available from mid April through November. 110 bike racks, scattered throughout the city center, are stocked with free to rent bikes for anyone’s use. Simply deposit DKK 20 (approximately USD 3.50) to unlock the bike and be on your way. When you no longer need the bike, return it to any of the bike racks and receive your deposit back. The only condition attached to the free bike is that its use is limited to the city center. Wandering farther on the bikes will run you the risk of being fined by the police.