A Taiwanese Take on 7-Eleven

This entry is a cheat, but it must be said. The Taiwanese 7-Eleven is convenience as it is meant to be.  The Taiwanese 7-Eleven dispenses with the dingy feel and rotting air of American gas stations and opts for something more user-friendly.  It is a place where the little pleasures in life shine, and shine they do.  The Taiwanese 7-Eleven is a brightly lit place with well-stocked shelves, filled with the usual sugar bait and carbonated liquids.  They are home to Slurpees, WiFi and other commodities.  They are a reliable air-conditioned escape from the stifling heat of Taipei.  More importantly, the food is not to be shied away from. The tea eggs are savory, energy giving morsels (the brown eggs sitting in brown liquid).  Wash one down with a cold soda, the kind with a marble on top that you jam back into the glass bottle, and prepare yourself to be pleasantly surprised by the variety of products and services that are available.

If you are in Taipei, 7-Eleven is everywhere.

Written by Jason Summerfield



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