South Africa: McDonald’s Mega Mac

Here we have American gluttony the in sub-Sahara. This is a fast food burger that is not to be trifled with. Amidst a continent of distinct local cuisine rests McDonald’s, the one reliable bastion of American influence, and inside: four patties, three buns, two layers of cheese, a pile of lettuce and onion, some sort of ‘sauce,’ and your heart on a spit. I can’t confirm on the website that these are still available on the Continent. It is possible that everyone ready willing and able to tackle this oversized troll of a sandwich suffered massive coronary unrest and the burger was thereafter discontinued.  Prove me wrong.

Note that I did indeed finish the burger… for breakfast. McDonald’s should be ashamed of itself.

This burger served by the Shop 4, Grand Parade Centre, Adderley Street, Cape Town, location, near the train station.

Written by Jason Summerfield



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