Quebec City: Restaurant Aux Anciens Canadiens

Built in 1677, the historic Maison Jacquet is one of the oldest houses in Quebec. The former home of the popular Canadian novelist, Philippe-Joseph Aubert de Gaspé, author of the 1863 novel Les Anciens Canadiens, the house has been the location of the popular restaurant bearing the same name since 1966. Showcasing traditional Québecois cuisine, the restaurant offers diners the choice of ordering à la carte or from la formule, the fixed-price menu. The highlights of the menu are the regional options, which feature game meats such as wild caribou, bison and pheasant prepared using traditional French-influenced methods. No matter what you choose, when it’s time for dessert, don’t skip out on the maple syrup pie.

34, rue Saint-Louis – C.P. 175, Succursale Haute-Ville

Vegetarian options are limited.