Cape Town Hikes: Lion’s Head

From the top of Kloof Nek make your way onto Signal Hill Road to begin the hike up  the sloping mountain side known as Lion’s Head. One of the less strenuous hikes found in the city, the trail begins with a walk up a gravel road that will wind you into the base of the trail hugging the mountain. The overall course of the trail will take you in a loop until you reach the top. The trail, a  narrow path with some sheer drops off the side of the mountain, draws large crowds, especially prior to sunset,  so with the traffic both up and down you’ll likely be reduced to single-file lanes for most of the hike. The course is mainly a dirt trail, with a few ladders, occasional rock stairs and larger rocks that you will have to climb over. There are two passes up the mountain you can make with the assistance of chains fastened into the sheer rock face. These sections are very manageable even for the novice hiker, but if you wish to avoid them, for fear of heights or otherwise, you can take an alternative route, which is a bit steeper, but will avoid the chain climbing. The views from the top overlook the city center as well as sprawling Table Mountain. Be sure to pack a picnic or at the very least, a bottle of South African wine to enjoy with your view at the top.