Bratislava: Bizarre Accomodations at the Hotel Spirit

Describing the Hotel Spirit as “unusual” or “off the beaten path” falls far short of accurately detailing the peculiarities of this place. Located about a 20 minute walk from the city center, the brightly colored, abstract-shaped building dramatically stands out in an otherwise unassuming neighborhood. The interior looks like an art project gone awry, with jagged shapes of color covering the carpets, walls and ceilings. In addition to offering truly unique accommodations, the Hotel Spirit also offers a range of equally anomalous amenities. The front desk sells “life supplies,” which seem to be just vitamins and various supplements, although they will come with promises of being much, much more; there is a “fitness box,” which is an exercise room unused closet with some well worn workout equipment; and a  “relaxation pyramid,” which is a space in the attic available for meditation.

However, the most interesting feature must be the “happy room,” which is described by the hotel as “rooms with surprise (for the occasional organization of meetings for pleasure, energy, beauty and love),” but seem not to be too different from any other room in the hotel.

Vanèurova 1
831 01 Bratislava, Slovakia


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