Cape Town: Arnold’s Restaurant – Local Cuisine

Many hostels will direct you to Mamma Africa (where the menu, music and décor contribute to a unique vibe), but Arnold’s is catching up to the tourist staple and commands a loyal following from the local residents.  Come here for the game meat. Order on the rare side.  And don’t leave the country without trying the warthog ribs.  Naturally, the extensive wine list emphasizes South African vineyards. The restaurant boasts outdoor seating with an inspiring view of Table Mountain that complements the bright, friendly atmosphere and efficient staff.  The restaurant also has numerous televisions and a projector screen, ideal for watching the Springboks put the All Blacks in their place during the Tri-Nations Cup.

Arnold’s is located at 60 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town, a short walk from the main drag on Long Street.   You will also find the nearby Labia Theater, located inconspicuously in the mall on 50 Kloof Street (its twin is at 68 Orange Street), where you can check out first run American films and South African cinema.

Written by Jason Summerfield