Los Angeles: The World Famous Hollywood Magic Castle-Home of the Academy of Magical Arts

The Magic Castle is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a castle (well, of the Hollywood kind) devoted to the advancement of magic. It’s also member’s only, so you will either need to become a member or befriend someone who is a member and go as their guest. Membership comes in many forms, but as you may have expected, most require some degree of skill in the art of magic and a successful audition. The easy way to go about getting temporary membership privileges is to sign up for beginner magic classes (or, again, befriend someone who has).

Getting in the door will be well worth the effort as I feel fairly confident in saying that there are few places like this in the world. Decorated in the Victorian Style, the Magic Castle acts as a restaurant, bar, magic show and general performance space (think like a mini-magical amusement world located in the heart of Los Angeles). Magic shows are hosted regularly in three main showcases, you’ll have to review the night’s schedule and time your eating and drinking around queuing up for the showcases you wish to see. The main showcases consist of the Close-Up Gallery (self-explanatory), The Parlour of Prestidigitation (Victorian-era living-room magicians) and The Palace of Mystery (grand illusion and larger stage shows). However, even outside of the showcases, magicians set-up impromptu acts in the hallways or approach you with card tricks with a fair amount of regularity. There are even a few tricks that let you get in on the act, sometimes without you even realizing it.

7001 Franklin Avenue/Private Clubhouse/Dress Code



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