Paris: La Grande Mosquée

Built in 1922 to honor the North African countries that aided the French during World War I, today, the Paris Mosque is largest mosque in France. Located in the Quartier Latin, the Mosque’s architecture is reflective of both North African and Spanish styles. The intricately constructed building with detailed carvings, elaborate mosaics and an open courtyard pops out from the landscape surrounding it. The clean white facade opens up into multi-colored rooms with Moroccan style tables and glowing colored lanterns. The mosque is an active place of worship, but visitors can partake in the hammams (turkish baths), take a tour  of the property or enjoy the Mosque’s North African style cafe or Middle Eastern restaurant. In warmer months, the cafe spills out into the open courtyard. Traditional sweetened mint tea, fresh pastries, sorbet and assorted flavors of hookah can be enjoyed at the cafe year round.

2, Place du Puits de l’Ermite, 5ème Arrondissement/Metro: Jussieu



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