New York’s Trapeze School

Flying trapeze lessons may not necessarily be something you think to put on your itinerary when you visit Manhattan, but through Trapeze School New York you can take full advantage of the city’s urban playground by spending a few hours learning and practicing the aerial art. The school has a unique outdoor location atop Pier 40, open May through October, which offers spectacular views overlooking the Hudson River. During colder months, there is an indoor facility in Midtown. Lessons are 2 hours, beginning with some brief instruction in technique and an overview of the facility’s safety mechanisms. Before long, you’ll be instructed to climb to the top of a platform, about 25 feet above the ground (add a few stories if you’re taking your lessons at the outdoor rooftop facility) where you’ll grab the trapeze bar with one outstretched hand while using the other to balance yourself between the platform and open-air. Your instructor will give the count, “1, 2, 3…hep” and you jump. Once the terror subsides or you channel the adrenaline, depending on your propensities, you’ll begin attempting a few basic maneuvers such as swinging hands-free by your legs and the back-flip dismount. If you are able to get those skills down, towards the end of the class you will have the option to attempt a catch with an accomplished trapeze artist. Class prices vary, generally ranging from $50 to $70, plus the one-time registration fee of $22.