Athens: Museum of Cycladic Art

Dedicated to the ancient cultures of the Aegean and Cyprus, the Museum of Cycladic Art houses four floors containing over 3,000 pieces related to Cycladic Culture, Ancient Greek Art, Cypriot Culture and Daily Life in Antiquity. The main draw of the museum is its collection of Cycladic art from the Early Bronze Age,  which accounts for one of the most comprehensive exhibitions of this kind in the world. Marble figurines are among the most recognizable pieces of Cycladic Art. They typically depict nude females with their arms folded across their chest and much less rarely, males, who are generally shown seated.

The museum also features rotating exhibitions, which often relate to modern art and contemporary art, and seek to highlight the connections between antiquity and its influence on artistic creation during these later movements.

4, Neophytou Douka str.

Metro: Evangelismos, Syntagma




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