St. Louis, Missouri: Gateway Arch

At 630 feet, the Gateway Arch is the tallest man-made national monument in the U.S. The tram ride through the arch to the top takes approximately 4 minutes. Thankfully, during the journey up there is a narration playing that explains the history of the arch, which is a welcome distraction from the fact that you are crammed in a small box that snugly fits four seated adults moving slowly through the gently swaying arch (the arch can sway a maximum of 9 inches to either side, although the average sway on any given day is about a 1/2 inch). Once you reach the top, your tram will open up into the Observatory, which, as you can imagine from looking at the arch, is a narrow, windowed hallway looking over the city.  If you can handle the height and claustrophobic tram to the top, the unparalleled views of the city will be a fitting reward for your the effort.