New Orleans’ Cafe du Monde

Although eight locations now exist throughout the city, the original French Market Coffee Stand was established in 1862. The open-air landmark cafe embodies the charming character of the city and acts as a modern day reminder of its French history. The menu is simple, dark roasted coffee and chicory, beignets, juice and soda, but rich in tradition. The famous beignet, a square shaped piece of fried dough, covered in powdered sugar and only sold in threes, were first brought to Louisiana by the Acadians, developers of the state’s unique Cajun culture. The Acadians also introduced the coffee and chicory blend that was originally derived from the French, who added chicory to add body and flavor when coffee was scarce during the Civil War. Throughout the city you will find the mustard yellow colored coffee tins and beignet mix boxes, a uniquely New Orleans gift for those not on the trip with you.

French Market location: 800 Decatur Street; closed Christmas day, otherwise 24hrs

New Orleans