Tijuana! A slight diversion from Rte. 66

Well, it is very obvious that Tijuana, Mexico is not on Route 66, but the reality is that most people making the all-American road trip are likely to take some side trips once they’ve reached the West Coast. After a quick drive from Los Angeles to San Diego, you can board the San Diego Trolley (Blue Line to San Ysidro; about $2) to be taken to the Mexican border at Tijuana. Easily do-able as a day trip, which coincidentally is probably just about as much time as anyone would want to stay there, Tijuana offers up some interesting sight-seeing and shopping. Assuming you are not attempting to pick up otherwise illegal pharmaceuticals, the best shopping acquisitions you can make come in the form of local handicrafts. Marionette dolls in traditional Mexican garb whose heads have been replaced with popular cartoon characters such as Marge Simpson or the dwarves from Disney’s Snow White, all things having to do with Mexican wrestling as well as Day of the Dead figurines and vignettes would make good gifts for your friends back home. Also, be sure to check out the fascinating yet totally bizarre wax museum (Museo de Cera de Tijuana), wherein you can find displays ranging from Aztec sacrificial killings to random configurations of celebrities like Julia Roberts, Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana seen pictured here.