Valle, Arizona: Flinstone’s Bedrock

Bedrock City was never on the Route 66 itinerary, yet there is was, rising out of the otherwise barren landscape on the way out of the Grand Canyon. Once you come upon a gigantic cut-out of Fred Flinstone amid an empty lot of full-size dinosaur skeletons you will know you have arrived in Bedrock. The theme park is a complete re-creation of the Bedrock we all know and love, from life-size figures of the entire Flintstones crew, to Barney & Fred’s houses, their vehicles, and numerous types of dinosaurs. In true roadside attraction fashion, Bedrock is a mix of nostalgia and absolute randomness. All of the characters and places are familiar but the reality of this early 1970’s gem will leave you with memories of what is best labeled as a Franken-Bedrock, where the people are built large and disproportionate and live among haphazardly constructed concrete props.