Moscow’s Cat Theater

A full length theater performance delivered by cats, yep, an entire cast of cats! Performances by the Moscow Cat Theater generally run over an hour and feature performances by a rotating ensemble of about 100, formerly stray, now fantastically trained circus cats. Created by Yuri Kuklachev, who was trained at a Russian clown school, the idea to incorporate cats into his performances first took shape in the early 1970’s and became a part of his act at the Moscow State Circus. He founded the Cat Theater in 1990, which continues to host regular performances in Moscow in addition to frequent world tours. The cats perform a myriad of tricks, including challenging feats such as walking across a tightrope and skiing across the stage to less dramatic acts  like hanging on a scratching post while being passed over the heads of the audience. There probably are few other circus or theater performances as unique as this. Although generally geared towards children, cat fanatics, curious travelers, fans of the stage and techno music lovers alike can all enjoy the entertainment value brought forth by the Cat Theater.

25, Kutuzovsky Prospekt, Moscow