Dubrovnik: Island of Lokrum Nature Reserve

If you spend enough time in Dubrovnik, it is inevitable that eventually you will have explored all of the shops, sites, galleries and restaurants of the Old Town, walked the city walls, lounged at the beaches and will be looking for another way to spend your day. A short ferry ride from Dubrovnik’s port, at a cost of about $7, will get you to the island of Lokrum. The island is probably best known for it population of roaming peacocks, originally brought to the island by Maximilian of Habsburg, the Austrian archduke, who kept a holiday home there, however visitors will find a variety of other fascinating sites. The island hosts a 15th century Franciscan monastery, a nude beach, an extensive botanical garden, cliff jumping and the remains of Fort Royale which was built during the French Napoleonic occupation of Dubrovnik.