Moscow’s Most Famous Amusement Park: Gorky Park

Stumbling upon Gorky Park, or as it is formally known, Central Park of Culture and Rest, is a lot like what one would imagine what it is like to come upon a mirage in the desert. On foot, you will navigate quite a bit of desolate road before coming upon the park, which upon first impression almost looked abandon (and would later, upon closer inspection, appear the same). Upon purchasing your ticket you gain entrance to a less than magical, yet thoroughly amusing, funfair. Before testing out any of the rides, a thorough survey of the park uncovered several desolate areasthat housed rides, seemingly non-operational for years, that were covered in overgrown grass, yet still easily accessible to roaming tourists. Some highlights of the park include an actual Buran space shuttle that was originally meant for space flight but met its destiny in Gorky Park due to a lack of funding, an amazing ride called ‘Break Dance’ that seems straight out of the 1980’s and “Die Fantastische Reise” (“The Fantastic Journey”) a German ride through America’s Mount Rushmore.

9, Krymskiy Val, Moscow