Texola, Oklahoma: Ghost Town & Related Misadventures

By definition, a ghost town is an abandoned settlement, so I guess Texola, formerly known as both Texokla and Texoma (due to the territory belonging to both Texas and Oklahoma over the years), fits within the description. Being a ghost town, there is not much to see beyond the abandoned buildings, but if you wander into the town far enough you will come across the former jail. A one room building, simply named “JAIL/Bandit Museum” by a homemade sign posted outside the door, the jail was built in 1910. Although the town is rumored to still have a few remaining residents, you probably won’t cross paths with any while passing through. However, a few lucky ones will meet Ms. Janet Dee, local artist (more likely than not responsible for the JAIL/Bandit Museum sign)/prophet/town sheriff who lives across from and “maintains” the jail/museum. Those of you who do meet her, well, I’m sure she will leave you with as good of a travel story as they come…