NYC Guide: Food Trucks

The city is known for its diverse range of culinary offerings across an array of cuisines and ranging from the corner street cart to world-renowned restaurants. The concept of food on the go is nothing new and the sidewalk street vendor has been a staple of the city’s landscape for years. However, the renaissance of the food truck is re-imagining the concept of street eats. Some of the most popular being…

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck: Mixing classic soft-serve with unique toppings including wasabi pea dust, elderflower syrup, toasted curried coconut, pumpkin butter and many more in addition to seasonal and holiday creations. (

Frites ‘n’ Meats: Affordably-priced, perfectly cooked burgers with the option to customize the core ingredients-the meat (DeBragga & Spitler), the bun (Balthazar Bakery) and cheese (Murray’s Cheese). Paired perfectly with handcut double fried Belgium frites.(

Van Leeuwen: Artisan ice cream produced under the mantra fresh. local. pure. simple., which results in a final product consisting of 18% butterfat with no stabilizers or preservatives. Their commitment to purity even extends to the cups the ice cream is served in, which are made from sugar cane husks. Flavors range from traditional vanilla to the more decadent giandujia. (

Schnitzel & Things: Serving chicken, pork and cod schnitzel as a platter or sandwich with the option for traditional sides such as Austrian potato salad, yukon gold french fries or braised sauerkraut to name a few. (

As the trucks are always on the move and their offerings tend to change as frequently as their locations, the easiest way to keep up is by checking their websites and twitter feeds.