Italy: Capri & La Grotta Azzurra

Board a motorboat from the Marina Grande to embark on a tour around the island. The panoramic view of the island from the sea highlights the stunning beauty of the colorful buildings juxtaposed to the towering hillside, where diligent onlookers may catch a glimpse of the resident mountain goats navigating the perches of the island’s cliffs. Eventually, you will come upon a convergence of tour boats anchored in front of a seemingly nondescript hillside. Upon further inspection you will notice a tiny opening, extending about one meter above the sea level. You’ve come upon la grotta azzurra, or blue grotto. Due to the tiny opening, to enter the grotto one must board two to three person rowboats along with an experienced boatman. Due to the constrained opening, visitors are obligated to lie down in the boat when attempting to enter the cave. With some luck, the correct timing of the waves and the aid of a chain affixed to the opening, you will be swooped into the grotto. As a result of the water filtering the light, the grotto is illuminated by a rich blue light that also serves to create the glowing appearance of objects immersed in the water. Aside from the natural beauty of the grotto, it is after all a tourist spot, and it is more likely than not that your boatmen and others inside the grotto will begin serenading you with Italian songs that will echo throughout the cavern.