South Africa: Cape Point Route: St. James, Kalk Bay, Simon’s Town & Penguins!

Easily accessible by train from Cape Town,  St. James, Kalk Bay and Simon’s Town are three historic harbor villages located along the Cape Peninsula. A full day’s trip in its own right or a stopover on the journey south to Cape Point, each of these villages shares in South Africa’s rich nautical and colonial history. St. James is easily identified by the colorful cabanas that line its beaches and add a prominent splash of color to the coastline.  Kalk Bay is only a short walk further south from St. James. The harbor of Kalk bay is lined with restaurants and cafes that look over the water, allowing guests to watch the local fisherman haul in their daily catches. From Kalk Bay, simply hail a local mini-van taxi down to Simon’s Town, one of Cape Point Route’s most picturesque towns. In addition to seaside dining, art galleries and numerous sites highlighting the town’s maritime history, Simon’s Town is home to a colony of African Penguins. The penguins can be seen alongside a wooden boardwalk that allows you access to the colony as well as in huddles on the beach, in the water and vying for position on one of the numerous large rocks that juts from the sea.