World Cup 2010: The Vuvuzela & Makaraba…Ayoba!

The vuvuzela and makaraba are two traditionally African accessories of true soccer fans that have taken center stage at this year’s FiFa world cup.

The noise making trumpet of South African soccer fans has become as much a part of the 2010 FiFa world cup as the 32 teams that came to compete. The prominent droning of the noisemaker could easily be confused for a large hive of bees or injured elephant. Like it or not, despite nearly drowning out the commentators and making it close to impossible for players to communicate verbally on the field, the vuvuzela is traditionally African and has the growing support of the thousands of soccer fans attending the World Cup.

Another African soccer fan tradition prevalent at the World Cup has been the Makaraba, which is a fan helmet, cut from a miner or construction helmet and hand decorated in support of one’s favorite team. The helmets consist of intricate designs carved out of the helmet featuring country flags, favorite players and other identifying characteristics of the beautiful game.