NYC Guide: Halloween

Few cities in the world celebrate Halloween on the same scale as NYC. A number of annual Halloween events provide perfect entertainment during the spirited holiday. Even those who don’t participate in any organized revelry will nonetheless encounter thousands of costumed New Yorkers and tourists alike spilling over into the city streets.

Each year, following a screening of a classic horror film complete with a soundtrack courtesy of the church’s organ, St. John the Divine hosts the Procession of the Ghouls, a costumed parade through the massive Gothic revival cathedral.

The annual Village Halloween Parade welcomes all those in costume to join the marching route through the Village into Union Square, joining hundreds of puppets, numerous bands and floats, dancers, artists and thousands of other costumed New Yorkers.

Merchant’s House Museum, the 19th century house located in Greenwich Village, hosts a master storyteller to entertain guests with spine-tingling and true ghost stories told by candlelight.

Pop-up haunted houses will occupy otherwise empty retail and warehouse spaces around the city. The most popular, Nightmare, develops a walk-through haunted and horrifying experience based around a unique theme, developed yearly.